Christmas in Penzance this year is a “Celebration of Light”, from traditional Christmas lights to artist inspired l…
Successful last year, Norwich is for the second time hosting a free tunnel of light experience, the only event of i…
Addlux bespoke LED light boxes were used to backlight and enhance photographic images from fine-art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten ’BLIND’ project in an exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm.
Addlux bespoke LED light boxes were used to backlight and enhance photographic images from fine-art photographer Ju…
Interior designers take advantage of LED lighting to create striking minimalist patterns and programmed lighting se…
Interior designers take advantage of LED lighting to create striking minimalist patterns and programmed lighting sequences to illuminate walls in homes and offices.
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Addlux LED strip lighting and LED light sheet panels are used to great effect in Currys PC World lighting displays for highlighting premium products in their stores across the UK.
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Need motivating in the morning? We suggest that you convert your shower to coloured with LED lighting. Medical science tells us that blue and green lights trigger the release of cortisol in the brain, helping you to wake up AND ...
HYDE architectural wall and ceiling panels have LED lighting hidden within them, creating the illusion that the light comes from nowhere; a truly innovative and ground-breaking concept for minimalistic interior design.
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LED lighting expands the boundaries of modern interior design, it can enhance the allure and impact of an entire room such as in this image. 👉
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The Kew Gardens light show starts today and runs until the first of January. Projects on this scale really help to emphasise how creative LED lighting techniques really are!
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Spectacular translucent lighting fixtures supplied by Addlux grace this space providing an impact of elegance and opulence. What do you think?
Even as the winter sets in, there's nothing like an ice cold beer on a Saturday. Addlux signage using our LED light sheet technology helped beer enthusiasts discover Asahi Beer in Itsu Sushi restaurants across the UK.👉
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As LED technology advances so do improvements of existing products and the development of innovative new ones. At Addlux we strive to advance in both aspects, resulting in continuous improvement of quality and scope of Addlux product range; but we ...
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Addlux LED light sheet panels were used to ensure a completely even distribution of light for Travelex's high contrast signs. The signage looks bright, sleek and elegant. #TransformationTuesday Travelex
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This beautifully unique lamp is able to mimic the effect of sunlight shining through a window. It could be a fantastic lighting solution for rooms that are left feeling claustrophobic from a lack of natural light! Designed by Leslie Nooteboom. ...
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Here's an example of how our cutting-edge LED light panels can transform wayfinding signage at Aeroporti di Roma. Our perfectly even LED backlighting technology will ensure each sign is modern, clear and readable.
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A month ago today an incredibly modern take on table tennis was unveiled in Holborn at Bounce Ping Pong . This table has a 4K resolution projections and ball tracking technology!
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We're a big fan of these creative firework inspired LED lightbulbs.
How this 'Shark Tank' company is helping thousands of victims of Hurricane Irma
Did you know that 'Shark Tank' start-up used their lighting product to help thousands of hurricane victims? They produced solar power lights that float and teamed up with non-profit organisation Convoy of Hope to distribute them.
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Advertising is not just about signage. Innovative LED Digital displays are the future of advertising and will influence your product sales. We created this bespoke display for House of Fraser to give their product display a more sophisticated look. 👉 ...
Time Out London
Anyone going to visit the winter light festival at Canary Wharf?
Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival has brought an incredible interactive light show to London. Explore for free and get ready to be seriously impressed...
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The design that goes into these light shows is phenomenal!
Check out this light show by Zaha Hadid Architects.
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Addlux Limited - Making Light Work
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Another successful project with #Addlux technology. Our #LED #Lightsheet panels really make this display stand out. Don't you think?
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Subtle, Exclusive, Glamour – Lighting supplied by Addlux

LED light panels with a feature pattern supplied by Addlux Limited are the backdrop for the fascinating contemporary decor of a recently opened Indian restaurant in Ruislip. A total of twenty-seven large ...

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