Use one of our slim, space-saving LED backlighting solutions in combination with your choice of translucent material to easily create large area illuminated feature walls. We will advise you on the best and most economical backlighting technique to use to achieve an optimum lighting experience. Your creation is made to your specification either as a new installation or one that can easily integrated into an existing structure.

Common Backlit Translucent Materials

Testing Addlux LED Light Sheet with Different Diffusers


Laminated and/or toughened, single colour or printed with graphics

Onyx LED Lighting


Cut sheet, slabs or veneers made of onyx, quartz, slate and agate

Bespoke Ceiling Lighting


Natural and synthetic fabrics or PVC, printed or unprinted


Panels (stencil-cut or perforated) and veneers

Metal Sheet Perforated Lighting


Sheet metal (stencil-cut or perforated)

Corian Backlit


Man-made materials such as Corian, Marblo

LIGHTING SOLUTIONS to achieve an optimum stunning result

Backlit Agate Wall Illuminated

LIGHTING SOLUTIONS to achieve an optimum stunning result

Backlit Agate Wall Illuminated

We have a number of technologies available that can be individually used to advantage for various designs and configurations of lighting feature wall assemblies. We list them below and will gladly work with you to determine the best solution for your requirements and budget.

LED Light Sheet evenly illuminates any translucent material from 3mm depth. Ideal for recessed lighting installations.

Astrolux evenly backlights any translucent material from 30mm depth. Developed for higher brightness, curved surfaces.

LED edgelighting to evenly illuminate any translucent material from 60mm depth. Easy installation, maintenance and cost-effective.

All options are available in single colours, tuneable white or colour changing (CRI>80 as standard and up to CRI>95 on request). We also offer IP rated options for outdoor or wet area installation.

We also supply lightboxes and sign lighting for smaller illuminated areas. Please visit the appropriate section on our website for details or contact us for more information.

Technical Support

We are confident that we can offer you an ideal solution for your design and will be very happy to assist you to find it. We will explain the features and pros and cons of the various lighting options we have to offer you, how to construct and mount them, as well as inform you of the lowest cost, most effective solution.


Discuss your concept, requirements and any other considerations


Send us a technical description including drawings if needed


Receive a competitive quotation


Approve a sample or prototype if needed (costs may be incurred)


Confirm order, production and delivery (we have a 95% delivery satisfaction record)


After-sale follow-up of every order 

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