Addlux LED light boxes are custom-made using our own LED technologies, each of which provide unique advantages to the final product. 

LED lightboxes illuminated by Addlux LED Light Sheet are thinner than 30mm have high brightness levels and an exceptionally even light distribution across the entire visible area of the LED light box, regardless of its size.

Lightbox signage constructed using Astrolux LED backlighting or Raylux LED edge-lighting technologies are intended for deeper lightboxes and are easily assembled by the customer.

Above all, they are highly versatile in use, less expensive, lighter and easier to store, move around, take apart and reassemble. For these reasons they are eminently suitable for exhibition and internal displays or similar uses.

All of our custom lightbox kits are supplied according to customer needs. Our technical staff will help you decide on the most suitable specifications for your project.

We also supply finished bespoke lightboxes to your specification.

Common Features Of Our LED Light Boxes

Asset 63

Guaranteed even brightness across the entire surface, different brightness levels

Asset 58


Asset 62

Any colour temperature, single colour and controllable RGB/W multi-colour

Asset 64

Plug-and-play 12V and 24V

Asset 67

Bespoke sizes and shapes

Asset 65

R&D advice and expertise

Light Box Types

Frameless appearance with or without ‘Halo’ effect and easy-to-change graphic

Aluminium frame LED light boxes for a large number of end applications

Stretch fabric graphics with aluminium frames to provide a frameless appearance in any size

Technical Support

Addlux technical support team will assist you to ensure that you get the best and most cost-effective lightbox for your project.


Discuss your concept, requirements and any other considerations


Send us a technical description including drawings if needed


Receive a competitive quotation


Approve a sample or prototype if needed (costs may be incurred)


Confirm order, production and delivery (we have a 95% delivery satisfaction record)


After-sale follow-up of every order 

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