Backlit Fine-Art Photography Comes of Age

We offer a number of LED backlit light box solutions for exhibition quality, framed fine-art photography with Duratrans-type transparencies. In combination with a diffusion panel Addlux high tech LED backlighting gives highest brightness and guarantees optimum evenness of lighting across the entire image, regardless of its size. LED lighting solutions are low energy and very little heat is generated. The benefits are low operating costs and no image deterioration with time.

Bespoke LED light boxes up to sizes of 4m x 1.6m or 3m x 2m are feasible. Any type of framing material can be used, ranging from metallic to wood and plastic.

Addlux LED technology opens new horizons for exhibiting fine-art photography.

Contact our technical sales for further details, either by phone, email or use the ‘call-back’ function on the our website.