Different Materials For Backlighting

Backlighting For Any Translucent Material

Whether translucent stone, glass, plastic, veneers or fabric, Addlux will provide you with expert advice and the right LED solution to ensure that your chosen translucent material is evenly backlit.The right selection, configuration and set up of the most suitable Addlux lighting technology will achieve bright, even illumination of any translucent surface material, without spotting, […]

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UVC Light for Sterilisation

A New Tool for Sterilisation of Surfaces & Materials

It has been known since the mid-20th century that UVC light can be used effectively for sterilisation purposes in many varied sectors such as healthcare, food production and wastewater treatment, and has been trialled for treating medical equipment (1). The technique of disinfecting areas using UVC light is called Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI).At the peak […]

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Around the World Vertical Farms Rely on LED Light

Across the globe an increasing number of vertical farms are springing up in densely populated cities, they’re also known as ‘plant factories’. They are being set up in purpose-built multi-story buildings, empty warehouses and cold storage facilities, erstwhile cleanroom facilities, freight containers and even in erstwhile subterranean air-raid shelters. Using modern technologies such as hydroponics […]

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Lighting and illumination in a car

Illumination in Motion with Addlux Bespoke LED solutions

As a supplier of high quality, bespoke LED solutions Addlux has enjoyed working on automotive lighting projects with some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers in the automotive and transport sectors. Our versatile, flexible and space-saving LED solutions lend themselves to a wide range of applications ranging from illuminated interiors of car doors to bespoke ceiling […]

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Lighting inside yacht

Bespoke LED Lighting Solutions for Yacht Interiors

Over the years Addlux has supplied high-tech and bespoke LED lighting solutions to lighting designers who create high-end light fittings and other lighting concepts for yacht interiors.We understand the strict requirements for this application and can offer high-tech LED solutions with highest CRI levels and colour consistency that give you the opportunity to design unique, […]

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Lighting Solutions Cash Points

Lighting Up Self-Serve Retail

Compact sized Addlux LED components have been frequently used by designers to illuminate machines in the self-service retail industry.We have collaborated with designers and manufacturers of cash points (ATMs), vending machines, hotel self-check-in/out kiosks, etc in the development of sophisticated customised LED solutions .Call us on 0333 800 1828 to speak to one of our […]

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LED Light Sheet With Wooden Frame

Backlit Fine-Art Photography Comes of Age

We offer a number of LED backlit light box solutions for exhibition quality, framed fine-art photography with Duratrans-type transparencies. In combination with a diffusion panel Addlux high tech LED backlighting gives highest brightness and guarantees optimum evenness of lighting across the entire image, regardless of its size. LED lighting solutions are low energy and very […]

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Flexible LED Light Sheet

Brighter Flexible LED Light Sheet Panels

Addlux high quality LED light sheet panels pioneered the technology of computer controlled graduated machining of v-cut grooves to form a grid matrix on the light diffusion sheet. These emblematic panels soon became recognised in the industry for having the best evenness of brightness across the entire panel surface. Even up to the maximum sizes […]

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