LED Light Sheet With Wooden Frame

Backlit Fine-Art Photography Comes of Age

We offer a number of LED backlit light box solutions for exhibition quality, framed fine-art photography with Duratrans-type transparencies. In combination with a diffusion panel Addlux high tech LED backlighting gives highest brightness and guarantees optimum evenness of lighting across the entire image, regardless of its size. LED lighting solutions are low energy and very […]

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Flexible LED Light Sheet

Brighter Flexible LED Light Sheet Panels

Addlux high quality LED light sheet panels pioneered the technology of computer controlled graduated machining of v-cut grooves to form a grid matrix on the light diffusion sheet. These emblematic panels soon became recognised in the industry for having the best evenness of brightness across the entire panel surface. Even up to the maximum sizes […]

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Thin & Flexible LED Light Sheet

BE INSPIRED – Bendable Light Panels

Addlux Bendable Light Panels are new on the market. Our high technology enables us to supply both the largest and the thinnest light sheet panels. Addlux ultra-thin panels not only take up less space but are flexible, and can be bent to form curved- and wave- shaped lighting, cylindrical totems, etc. Contact us and request more […]

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Astrolux LED Backlighting Strips

BE INSPIRED – Astrolux Backlighting

Astrolux LED backlighting strips can be used for retrofitting existing signage or constructing new super-slim LED light boxes. Armed merely with a screwdriver you can assemble the components together within only a few minutes to construct a very cost-effective, efficient LED backlighting unit of unrestricted size and shape, double-sided too if you wish. Simply put, […]

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