Thin & Flexible LED Light Sheet

BE INSPIRED – Bendable Light Panels

Addlux Bendable Light Panels are new on the market. Our high technology enables us to supply both the largest and the thinnest light sheet panels. Addlux¬†ultra-thin panels not only take up less space but are flexible, and can be bent to form curved- and wave- shaped lighting, cylindrical totems, etc. Contact us and request more […]

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Astrolux LED Backlighting Strips

BE INSPIRED – Astrolux Backlighting

Astrolux LED backlighting strips can be used for retrofitting existing signage or constructing new super-slim LED light boxes. Armed merely with a screwdriver you can assemble the components together within only a few minutes to construct a very cost-effective, efficient LED backlighting unit of unrestricted size and shape, double-sided too if you wish. Simply put, […]

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