Brighter Flexible LED Light Sheet Panels

Addlux high quality LED light sheet panels pioneered the technology of computer controlled graduated machining of v-cut grooves to form a grid matrix on the light diffusion sheet. These emblematic panels soon became recognised in the industry for having the best evenness of brightness across the entire panel surface. Even up to the maximum sizes of 4m x 1.6m and 3m x 2m and for bespoke shapes offered by Addlux.

Addlux Limited now announces panels with 25% improved brightness. By using LED light sources of identical energy levels. In this case, laser machining techniques are used to create a graduated micro-dot pattern on the light diffusion sheet.

Furthermore, the new micro-dot technology enables the production of 4 mm thick panels that are also flexible. Enabling the construction of curved and cylindrical panels, totems, etc.

Niels Fullerton-Batten, MD of Addlux Limited, says ‘Technological innovation is our strength. Both in the development of new automated manufacturing processes and the products that we produce. We are constantly striving both to produce the highest quality products and to reduce the manufacturing cost. We believe that this gives us and our customers a competitive edge in a very combative marketplace. In fact, I think we can claim with some justification to be currently the leaders in LED light sheet technology.’

Two diffusing patterns available for LED light sheet

Illustration shows the two main graduated matrix patterns employed on Addlux light guide panel (top: graduated grid matrix; bottom: graduated micro-dot matrix) and the location of LEDs for different panel dimensions and/or brightness levels.