• LED light sheet and other LED backlighting and edgelighting technologies
  • Brightest, largest and thinnest LED sheet lighting with even LED illumination
  • A selection of other plug and play LED backlighting components
  • Expert technical support, fast quotes, short lead times, excellent after-sales support
  • No enquiry too small, too large, too complicated - contact us for a quote or a chat
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  • Bespoke LED light sheet, LED light panels and LED light boxes
  • Hi-tech, bright, even LED illumination, single- or double-sided, framed or frameless
  • Fully assembled LED strip lights with bright, shadowless lighting
  • Slim, suspended, wall-mounted, free standing LED light boxes
  • Prompt quotes, reliable and quick delivery quoted and held
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  • LED lighting panels for architectural, interior design and general lighting
  • Any white colour temperature, also single and colour-changing RGB with lighting controls
  • Technical advice, prompt quotes, quick and reliable delivery, excellent after-sales support
  • No enquiry too small, too large or too complicated
  • Try us - ask for a quote
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  • Our unique LED technologies offer endless possibilities
  • We gladly assist with technical advice and design
  • Manufacture prototypes with a quick delivery
  • Bespoke manufacture of one-off or larger quantities
  • We welcome your challenge - contact us for a quote or a chat
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We Are Addlux


Addlux was founded in 2008 on the realisation that the then fledgling and expensive LED technology could provide industry and society with a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and superior technical alternative to the fluorescent and neon lighting sources then being used.

Since then Addlux has supplied a wide customer base with continuously evolving high-tech, high-quality LED lighting components, and finished products at affordable prices. Our technical support team provides technical data and advice to customers in their exploitation of the technology and has aided many of them in the development of new applications.

Through our constant innovation and technical advances, Addlux is now a leader in LED lighting technology and a first-choice supplier of LED lighting and display equipment to the trade.

LED Light Sheet

Addlux is the leader in LED light sheet technology for evenly illuminating any translucent material. From us, you can get the largest (4.8m x 2.7m) and thinnest (3mm, bendable) panels on the market, with or without frame, single- or double-sided; custom-made to any size and shape.

Our LED light sheet is matched by no other supplier in the market. Please spend a few moments to read our technical brochure. Others may emulate some technical aspects but no other matches the entire catalogue of quality assuring characteristics.

Affordable LED Backlighting & Edge-Lighting

In Astrolux and Raylux, Addlux supplies cost effective LED backlighting and LED edgelighting solutions for retrofitting existing signage or constructing new super-slim signs (single-sided 30mm, double-sided 55mm). Astrolux and Raylux LED strip lights are a fully integrated LED lighting systems. You can assemble both in a few minutes with a screw-driver.

LED Digital Screens

In some areas of in-store advertising, the future will be with LED digital screens. We supply LED digital display equipment to the trade with integrated hard- and software that you can self-set to meet your customer’s specific information/advertising needs.