• LED Light Sheet Illuminated Sign

    Innovative LED Lighting For Sign-MakersBuild brighter, slimmer, evenly illuminated signageAddlux recognises that sign-makers apply strict criteria to the LED lighting they use in the manufacture of their illuminated signage and, equally importantly, to its supplier.These...

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  • LED Light Sheet Illuminating Plinth

    Retail Lighting & DisplaysStand out & improve customer experience with our unique LED solutionsHigh standards are expected of retail lighting and displays. The corporate message and the appeal of a brand on show must stand...

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  • LED Light Sheet Illuminating Staircase

    Architectural & Interior LightingCreate unique and dazzling lighting effects with our innovative LED solutionsAs an interior designer, architect or contractor you look to the latest LED solutions for designing and constructing unique, eye-catching internal and...

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  • LED Light Sheet Drinks Tray Battery Powered

    Your Partner For New Product DesignsDiscover endless design possibilities with our advanced LED solutionsAddlux high tech LED technologies offer endless possibilities to designers of all kinds of end-products. In the last ten years, we have...

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