Architectural & Interior Lighting

Create unique and dazzling lighting effects with our innovative LED solutions

As an interior designer, architect or contractor you look for the latest LED solutions for designing and constructing unique, eye-catching internal and external feature lighting, bespoke LED light fittings and displays. Look no further. We offer a combination of unique LED lighting technologies, excellent quality at reasonable prices, and unparalleled technical expertise and support.

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Our Unique LED Technologies

  • Whether glass, stone or acrylic sheets, backlight any translucent material with our LED light sheet. Addlux LED light sheet has high and even brightness across the entire surface, largest (4.8m x 2.7m) and thinnest (3mm, and flexible) in the market.
  • Astrolux is a versatile and lightweight LED backlighting component that achieves bright and even illumination to any translucent surface.
  • Raylux are easy-to-use LED edgelighting strips and is our most cost-effective and energy-saving option for evenly illuminating most translucent surfaces.

Finished Products for Architectural & Interior Lighting

  • LED Light Panel LS is based on our technology-leading light sheet with an aluminium frame and an opal diffuser. Bespoke single- or double-sided sizes up to 3m x 2m. IP67 for external use.
  • Light Panel TFS is based on either our Astrolux backlighting or our Raylux edge-lighting technologies with an aluminium frame and a fabric diffuser. Bespoke sizes of up to 6m x 3m are possible.

Common Features of Our Technologies & Products

  • Guaranteed even brightness across the entire surface, different brightness levels
  • Single/double-sided
  • Any colour temperature, single colour and controllable RGB/W multi-colour
  • Plug & play 12V or 24V

What you can expect from us

  • Help to find the best solution/product/technology for your project
  • Ensure that you achieve the result you desire
  • Custom-made orders to your specification
  • Support for your development project, including a fast prototyping service
  • No project or order too small, too large or too complicated

Let us know your specification and we will quote you, or just ask us for our advice on how to fulfil your idea.