Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting

Addlux LED lighting solutions for illuminated splashbacks & wall panels

Our LED lighting enhances the ambience in many different ways in buildings around the world.

One use of our advanced LED lighting and backlighting technologies that has gained in popularity in recent years is for the creation of evenly illuminated kitchen splashbacks and illuminated bathroom wall panels made from a wide variety of translucent materials. These can range from printed or coloured glass to Corian or more exotic materials such as thinly cut and polished onyx sheets. The lighting can be remotely controlled in colour and intensity.

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Two of our most popular technologies for backlighting kitchen splashbacks or bathroom wall panels are:

  • LED Light Sheet, which provides even backlighting within a minimum depth of 3mm to 15mm and in panel sizes up to 4.7m x 2.8m
  • Astrolux backlighting LED strips offer a less expensive alternative, permits larger surface areas to be covered (6m width) with a panel depth of 30mm+, and having the highest brightness of all lighting alternatives.
Illuminated Splashback Kitchen

Image 1 Illuminated splashbacks; white or colour-changing

Illuminated Wall Panels Bathroom

Image 2 Illuminated wall panels; advanced backlighting for printed glass, Corian or stone

LED Light Sheet

  • Lowest panel depth, only 3mm to 15mm
  • Panel size up to 4.7m x 2.8m
  • White and RGB colour temperatures
  • Even illumination across the entire surface
  • Remote control of brightness and colour
  • Custom-made to specification in any size or shape, with cut-outs, choice of location of power input, plug & play compatible
  • Delivered complete, installation within minutes

Astrolux Backlighting LED Strips

  • Minimum panel depth 30mm
  • Ultra large panel sizes
  • Brightest backlighting option
  • White and RGB colour temperatures
  • Even illumination across the entire surface
  • Remote control of brightness and colour
  • Supplied pre-assembled or in in kit-form, easily assembled using a screw-driver

* Up to 80% less power consumption than backlighting splashbacks with standard LED strip or LED modules

All our lighting components or finished products are supplied as plug & play, making it easy for you or your contractor to install

A member of our technical staff will be glad to handle any questions you may have concerning any of our lighting technologies and products, help you make the best choice for your application, and follow it up with our best quote for the job. 

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