Innovative Lift Car Lighting

Addlux LED Lighting Technologies Enhance Lift Car Design

Addlux innovative, high-tech LED technologies are frequently used as bespoke lift car LED light fittings or as LED backlighting components to create feature lighting in lift cars.

The use of LED lighting in the design of new lift cars and the replacement of now out-of-date lighting has revolutionised the industry; both design and the technology of lifts have benefited. Wall and ceiling designs have entered a whole new world of glamour, sophistication and quirkiness.

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Technology-wise, by replacing once traditional incandescent and fluorescent fittings with slimmer, lighter weight LED lighting the cabin height can be reduced by as much as 200mm. This results in a reduction of the cabin weight and an additional positive knock-on effect on the design and manufacturing cost of the entire lift structure.

Furthermore, LED lighting is low energy, has 20 times longer life-time than fluorescent lighting, giving the added benefits of lower heat output and lower maintenance costs. 

Since our foundation in 2010 we have worked closely with lift manufacturers, interior designers, refurbishment and maintenance companies and has supplied high-tech LED solutions in the form of components and bespoke finished light fittings to the highest standards and to their specification. More recently we are cooperating with out customers in this industry in the compliance with the new regulations for fire resistance introduced in 2017 contained in EN 13501-1.

Benefits of Addlux LED lighting solutions in lift cars

  • Reduction in cabin height and weight
  • 20 times longer life than traditional light fittings equals lower maintenance costs
  • Energy savings of up to 82% depending on light fitting
  • Easy, plug & play installation

Addlux LED lighting options in lift car design

LED Backlighting Components

Easy to install, plug & play kits for you to build your own lift car ceiling, wall or flooring designs in any shape or size. They provide even illumination with any translucent diffusing medium (e.g. opal acrylic, opal laminated glass, etc). They include:

  • Light Sheet: at 3mm thin it is the thinnest backlighting solution available
  • Astrolux: LED backlighting strips with a wide beam angle, for designs with a depth of ≥ 30mm
  • Raylux: LED edgelighting strips, our most cost-effective solution for depths of ≥ 55mm

LED Custom-Made Light Fittings

Finished LED lighting custom-made to your specification by combining our high-tech LED technologies with frames and diffusers to create ultra-slim, LED ceiling and wall lighting panels with uniform brightness

  • Light Panel Ultra Slim: this combines our LED light sheet technology with a 15mm thick frame and opal diffuser, sizes up to
  • Light Panel Flex Face: ultra-lightweight lighting panels with a fabric or PVC diffuser

Further Information

A member of our technical staff will be glad to handle any questions you may have concerning any of our LED lighting technologies and products, help you make the best choice for your application, and follow it up with our best quote for the job. 

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Lift Car Ceiling Lighting

Image 1 Create modern, minimalistic lift car designs

Bespoke Lighting Lift Car

Image 2 Lift car lighting with a wow-effect

Lift Car LED Panels

Image 3 Bespoke LED lighting panels for lift cars

Lift Car Lighting Installation

Image 4 Easy, plug & play installation