Retail Lighting & Displays

Stand out & improve customer experience with our unique LED solutions

High standards are expected of point-of-sale lighting and displays.

The corporate message and the appeal of a brand on show must stand out and be portrayed in the best possible light! The designer and manufacturer ensure that they are sophisticated and attractive, but Addlux LED technologies and products play an important part in their technical perfection – bright, even illumination, consistency in colour temperature and, in some instances, their functionality (light pocket displays, clip frame and magnetic frame lightboxes, etc).

Addlux can supply any LED lighting solution for the shop floor or POS for self-manufacture or as a near-finished product – bespoke-sized LED light sheet, framed and unframed LED lightboxes, LED light panels, LED light pockets, etc, meeting your specification. We promise you high-quality technologies and products at reasonable prices, best technical support and delivery performance, whether one-off or larger quantities (we have supplied large order quantities for national and international store roll-outs).

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Our Trend-Setting Technologies

The following LED technologies are the mainstay of our business to the shopfitting industry. All are plug and play, 12 V or 24 V. Further technology improvements and new product development are in progress and will be announced in due course. Click to obtain the technical description and availability for each technology.

  • Addlux light sheet with high and even brightness across the entire surface, largest (4.8m x 2.7m) and thinnest (3mm, and flexible) in the market
  • Astrolux is a high brightness, lightweight LED backlighting solution for making slim retail displays and for lightbox lighting. Achieve slim signage with bright, uniform illumination single-sided (30 mm) or double-sided (60 mm)
  • Raylux are easy-to-use LED edgelighting strips which are cost-effective and energy-saving
  • Prolux LED strip lights combine our latest LED tape with slim aluminium profiles and diffusers to provide seamless linear shelf- and other in-store lighting without ‘spotting’ or dark shadows

Common Features of Our LED Technologies

  • Fit into spaces other LED technologies won’t
  • Provide even illumination, removing the likelihood of ‘spotting’ and striping’
  • Take minimal time to build, install and maintain
  • Plug & play makes easy assembly possible, saving time and reduces the need for a qualified electrician

Technical Support

We also provide shopfitters, retail designers and retail display manufacturers with comprehensive technical support at any stage, thereby helping to ensure the success of their projects.

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