Innovative LED Lighting For Sign-Makers

Build brighter, slimmer, evenly illuminated signage

Addlux recognises that sign-makers apply strict criteria to the LED lighting they use in the manufacture of LED illuminated signs and, equally importantly, to its supplier.

These criteria are product quality, a good customer service, sound technical assistance with a profound knowledge of their requirements, a good price and short and reliable deliveries.

Since we were established 10 years ago, we strive daily to meet these criteria. Our reward has been a strong participation in the supply of our high-tech, high quality LED lighting solutions to sign-makers.

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Our LED Technologies

The following LED technologies are the mainstay of our business to the signage industry. All are plug and play, 12 V or 24 V. Further technology improvements and new product development are in progress and will be announced in due course. Click to obtain the technical description and availability for each technology.

  • LED light sheet with even brightness across the entire surface, largest (4.8m x 2.7m) and thinnest (3mm, and flexible) in the market.
  • Astrolux is a high brightness, lightweight LED backlighting solution for making slim illuminated signs or light boxes of any size. Achieve slim signage with bright, uniform illumination single-sided (30 mm), double-sided (60 mm)
  • Raylux – low price, low power consumption, easy-to-use LED edge-lighting strips

Common Features of Our LED Backlighting Technologies

  • They make it possible to build slimmer signage and displays
  • Even illumination removes the likelihood of ‘spotting’ and striping’
  • Take less time to build, install and maintain
  • Plug and play reduces the need for a qualified electrician

We Make your Life Easier

Our customer service and technical support are also important to gain your confidence in us as your supplier. Here are some of the reasons where we hope to win you over:

  • Prompt quotes, short and reliable deliveries, good prices
  • No enquiry/order too small, too large, too complicated
  • Technical support to help you find the right technology or finished product for the job in-hand, and provide you with detailed and accurate product and assembly information
  • Problem solving – advice on how to avoid/deal with design problems that result in uneven illumination, striping and spotting; or, any other issues that you may encounter
  • Custom-make LED light sheet to any size or shape
  • Pre-prepare assemblies and kits to save you uncertainty, time and labour costs

We keenly await your request for a quote or for more information about our technologies. Try us out!

LED Light Sheet

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Astrolux LED Backlighting

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Raylux LED Edgelighting

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