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The Future Is Brighter For Your Signage

We meet the requirements of sign manufacturers with LED signage lighting and backlighting solutions which are infinitely variable and adaptable to your needs.

You can choose between bespoke, flat, LED light panel sheets up to 4m x 1.6m or 3m x 2m, the largest sizes currently available on the market today.

Alternatively, Astrolux provides a low price, versatile, lightweight solution to retrofit existing or make new super slim single-(30 mm), or double-sided (60 mm) box signs of any size or shape. Astrolux backlighting constructions can be assembled by non-professional workers using merely instructions and a screwdriver.

Both possibilities offer even brightness over the entire surface area and are equipped with all the necessary power connectors for easy connection.

Want to know more? We’ll give you a call. Or if you know what you want already, ask us for a quote.

LED Light Sheet - LED Signage Lighting

Astrolux Backlighting Strips - LED Signage Lighting