Your Partner For New Product Designs

Discover endless design possibilities with our advanced LED solutions

Addlux high-tech LED technologies offer endless possibilities to designers of all kinds of end-products.

In the last ten years, we have built a reputation for working with designers and artists, both professionals and creative DIY enthusiasts, on the development, prototyping and manufacture of their new designs.  Who could be better to work with on your new or experimental designs than with a company that already has this level of technology and new design experience to support you?

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Our Unique LED Technologies

  • Addlux LED light sheet has high and even brightness across the entire surface, largest (4.8m x 2.7m) and thinnest (3mm, and flexible) in the market. Use it to provide even illumination  in the smallest/narrowest of spaces
  • Astrolux is a versatile and lightweight LED backlighting component that gives bright and even illumination to any translucent surface
  • Raylux are easy-to-use LED edgelighting strips. It is our most cost-effective and energy-saving option for evenly illuminating most translucent surfaces
  • Prolux LED light strips are the most economical and versatile form of lighting, either in kit form or when supplied inside an aluminium profile

Finished Products

  • LED Light Panel LS is based on our technology-leading light sheet. It has an aluminium frame and an opal diffuser. Bespoke single- or double-sided sizes up to 3m x 2m. IP67 for external use
  • Light Panel TFS is based on either our Astrolux LED backlighting or our Raylux LED edgelighting technologies with an aluminium frame and a fabric diffuser. Bespoke sizes of up to 6m x 3m are possible
  • Our LED Light Boxes are a combination of any of our LED technologies with a variety of frames (clip, magnetic lift-off, fabric, etc), taking graphics, visuals, prints, etc

Common Features of Our Technologies & Products

  • Guaranteed even brightness across the entire surface, different brightness levels
  • Single/double-sided
  • Any colour temperature, single colour and controllable RGB/W multi-colour
  • plug-and-play 12V and 24V

How we can help you

  • Technical advice on your design
  • Help you choose the most suitable and cost-effective solution/technology/product
  • Provide technical drawings (when necessary)
  • Quote to the agreed specification for a sample order or/and larger quantities
  • Manufacture a sample with a quick delivery (when necessary)
  • Supply bespoke sized light sheet or panels, appropriate kits for your own assembly
  • Accompany you through the entire process until you reach a satisfactory conclusion
  • Maintain confidentiality about your design
  • Cooperate with you on any copyrighting or patent application

Addlux not only manufactures and supplies high tech, high quality LED lighting products and components to the lighting industry, we also provide an in-depth technical service to anybody wishing to use LED lighting for all kinds of end application. In the meantime, we have advised and cooperated with many designers of all skill levels to achieve successful completion of their projects.  We hope that you will also choose Addlux as your enthusiastic partner to help you with your next venture

An enquiry, a chat, an email – let’s work together on your newest creation!