Addlux supplies framed and frameless versions of their high-tech LED light sheet. Each has individual advantages for specific applications.

With the frameless light sheet the LEDs are embedded in the acrylic light guide sheet, whereas the LEDs for the framed light sheet are edge-mounted to the acrylic sheet light guide with an aluminium frame. Only Addlux offers these two options giving designers considerable flexibility to design optimum solutions. A comparison of the characteristics of each light sheet are summarised in the table below.

Characteristics of Addlux Frameless and Framed Light Sheet

Frameless (LEDs Embedded)Framed (LEDs Edge-Mounted)
bespoke shapesrectangular shapes
illuminated from edge-to-edge, bright edgesframe can cause a shadow, depending on depth
thinner displaybrighter displays possible
suitable for joined sheet displays lighter
mosaic assemblies possiblegreater rigidity of large panels
IP67 rated (water-resistance) available less susceptible to thermal expansion

Both frameless and framed sheets feature Addlux high-tech light guide made from acrylic sheet with a unique laser machined grid or dot pattern dependent on its size. Only this light guide technology guarantees bright even lighting across the entire surface of the sheet.

The light source for both versions remains high light intensity, low energy 12V or 24V LED strips of our own manufacture and are available with the same wide range of single white colour temperatures, tuneable warm to cool white, single RGB and multicolour changing illumination.

Technical Support

We only intend this to be an introduction to an additional design feature that we have to offer. Our technical experts can provide further details, offer suggestions as to their use and provide design advice to enable you to make the correct and most cost-effective technical solution for your specific application.

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