Human Centric Lighting – much more than illumination

Human Centric Lighting is artificial lighting that simulates the known beneficial effects of sunlight and the natural circadian rhythm on human health. It is an emerging trend in the design and use of lighting technologies for indoor environments of new buildings – schools, offices, hospitals, factories and homes. Many older buildings are being refurbished with this modern lighting concept, replacing outdated fluorescent lighting and early or cheaper LED lighting that is no longer considered to be fit for purpose.

The colour, intensity and timing of daylight is an integral factor in the functioning of our 24-hour internal body clock, the ‘circadian rhythm’, and influence our effectiveness and wellbeing. Early morning light has a warm wavelength of 4000K, by mid-day it has changed to a cooler 6000K and higher intensity; in the afternoon the process reverses and higher proportions of lower wavelength of warm red light predominates. Our bodies respond naturally to this changing quality of sunlight and it affects our mood, alertness, attention span, activity rate and sleep pattern – in fact, our total well-being.

Disturbances experienced by night shift workers, long distance travellers and those working or confined indoors for long hours, for example in offices, factories, hospitals and care homes, find that it affects their sleep and wake patterns and, in the extreme, can lead to serious physiological and mental deterioration. Some people are much more affected than others; for example, the lack of sunlight during winter months is believed to be the cause for some people to be diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), similar to depression, but that tends to lessen again as the days lengthen in the Spring months.

Considerable strides have been made in lighting since the advent of LED lighting. As a result of constant development, it is now possible to reproduce sunlight conditions indoors with Human Centric Lighting. This uses tuneable LEDs to bring indoors the natural changes of light intensity and colour temperatures of natural light during a daily life cycle.

Tuneable LEDs of appropriate wavelengths can be controlled manually or larger computer-controlled systems for fully automatic control of dynamic environments. Replicating the appropriate circadian rhythm benefits everyone. It improves our awareness and alertness, hence our productivity as well as, on a personal level, our comfort, mood, behaviour, and sleep quality. Most importantly it can improve the lives of vulnerable groups such as school children, adolescents, shift workers, hospital patients and people with dementia.

Tuneable white LED lighting

Using the latest LED technology, it is easy to replicate tuneable white light. Any colour and any tone of white can be dynamically produced. As well as forming the basis for Human Centric Lighting tuneable lighting is invaluable for interior and architectural design enhancement purposes.
Dimmable and controllable RGB LED lighting has long been available and has found wide-spread use in many diverse applications. The LED colour mixing process adjusts the red, green and blue channels to deliver the entire range of the colour spectrum. Similarly, tuneable whites use controllable channels to adjust the colour temperature of the white light output from warm to cool wavelengths. It is possible to tune individual LEDs to 4,000K and 6,000K. There are two approaches:

– the simplest is to use separate LED strips with warm and cool wavelengths) and with a manual driver control the relative dimming of each strip to produce the appropriate wavelength and their intensities

– the alternative is to mount LEDs of appropriate warm and cool alternately on a single strip and use programmed software to control profile settings in a fully automated system

Benefits of White Tuneable LED Lighting for HCL and Other Lighting Solutions:

– fully tuneable and customisable
– can evenly light large surface areas – whole walls and ceilings; no dark spots
– can be designed to fit curved surfaces and niches giving full wall/ceiling coverage
– when space is at a premium can be manufactured in ultra-slim sizes
– available double-sided lighting, perfect for partition walls or other design elements
– supplied fully-assembled or as easy to assemble kits
– cost-effective health and design conscious solution

Quality LED Components for Controlling your Lighting Environment

Addlux was founded in the early days of the introduction of LED lighting for commercial and domestic lighting applications and looks back now on many years of experience as a specialist in the supply of high quality, high tech LED lighting solutions. We provide three types of backlighting. We are confident that at least one of which will match your needs:

– Addlux Light Sheet evenly illuminates translucent surfaces from just ≥3mm depth. Wide range of colour temperature levels and colour-changing options, single- and double-sided, 3mm to 15mm thick and bespoke shapes and sizes up to 4.8m x 2.7m. Our 3mm thick light sheet is flexible which makes curved surfaces feasible.

Astrolux provides bright, uniform backlighting to translucent materials within ≥30mm depth for single-sided or ≥60mm depth for double-sided applications. Wide range of colour temperature levels and colour-changing options. Either in kits for self-constructing or as a finished assembly (lightbox). Versatile in use, inexpensive, lightweight, single/double-sided, easy to assemble/disassemble, reusable.

Raylux edgelighting for evenly illuminating single- and double-sided translucent surfaces within ≥60mm depth. Raylux is supplied in kits for self-assembly or as a finished assembly (light box) and is the least expensive solution. It is versatile, lightweight.

Specifically for HCL applications we will tailor these LED backlighting technologies to match any requirement that you may have, including:

(a) colour temperature – warm white (3000K) to cool white (6000K)
(b) RGBW LEDs – full spectrum of light including white light
(c) brightness –dimmable LEDs (mains dimming, 0-10V dimming or DALI)
(d) controllers – to match your needs, from manual dimmer-style or preparation for connection

Technical Assistance for your HCL Development

We will assist you in the design and manufacture of unique Human Centric Lighting fixtures for commercial and residential spaces. If you are interested in more information about our products and components or require design assistance please contact us.

Phone: 0333 800 1828