How LED Lighting is Changing the Face of Shop Design

Something is lighting up the retail industry – yes, you guessed it, LED technology!

From the innovative use of LED light panels to brighten dark spaces to trendy backlit point-of-sale counters. Shop fitters, shop owners, and designers are catching on to the endless creative options to make their retail store and products they offer stand out from the crowd.

Here we explore what trends and technology in LED lighting. Changing the way that your shop design can stand out from the rest.

LED Technology Stands Out on the High Street

With our high streets and large shopping centres crowded with retailers all vying to entice shoppers to enter their premises. Traditional window dressing and visual merchandising isn’t always enough to increase footfall. Wise retail designers are asking sign makers to design shopfront signage. Something  that will catch the attention of passing shoppers right from the outset. And what better way to do this than with eye-catching illuminated signage. For example, Astrolux backlighting – one of our most popular concepts. It is a backlighting solution which can be used to create the slimmest of signs. Comprised of thin LED strips which are flexible and can be bent for curved signage. They are an ideal choice for savvy sign makers.

How LED Backlit Panels Transform Window Displays

And it’s not just signage that’s benefiting from LED lighting and display solutions. Window displays can make or break whether a consumer will enter a store. While fashions come and go, and the products displayed may not be to everyone’s taste. Consequently visual merchandisers can get a head start by making sure that their window is prominent with the use of LED light sheet behind their display. Rather than relying on expensive and dim uplighters, the use of innovative LED backlighting at the shop front means that products on display are seen clearly by passing shoppers.

LED Design & Store Layout

There was a time when shop design was all about store layout. Mapping a customer’s journey from becoming aware of the shop in the high street or a shopping mall. Then using visual merchandising and the subconscious thought-processing of shoppers to work out the layout of products of interest to them.

Now, with an increasing range of LED lighting solutions, sign makers, shop designers and retail owners can fully take advantage of smart LED lighting technologies. Enabling them to showcase their wares in an entirely new light!

Clever use of backlit LED light boxes throughout stores lure shoppers to specific areas which were previously difficult to promote. For example such as inner corners and cluttered centres.

It’s well known that lighting affects consumer behaviour. Varying the brightness levels around the retail floor shoppers are enticed to explore more and encouraged to stay longer.

LED Lighting & Point-Of-Sale

The point-of-sale display is without a doubt the most important element of any retail store. Smart shop designers are making the best use of LED light panels. Transforming the look and feel of shop tills. Beautifully backlit displays and/or illuminated signage allow shoppers to identify easily where the tills are. Furthermore  while the careful use of lighting also allows any display items for last minute impulse purchases to be shown clearly. Addlux’s custom-made LED light sheet are used to make fully illuminated, stunning till designs, such as curved tills. Along with gondolas, or custom shapes highlighting a brand.

LED & Cost Efficiency

The obvious upside to using LED solutions within retail units is the energy efficiency. Especially  when compared with traditional fluorescent, halogen and neon solutions. Further benefits are longer life-time, decreased maintenance, and easier disposal especially compared to florescent lighting. Reduced costs are the obvious benefit; On average a store using LED lighting solutions will see a decrease in costs of around 70% when compared to traditional lighting.

We are also in an age where consumers are increasingly looking for more than just their favoured brand products. CSR (Corporate social responsibility) is a major component of what brands stand for and reduction of carbon footprint goes beyond production methods. By switching to LED solutions, companies are both optimising the appearance of their stores and their products. Furthermore   also reducing CO2 emissions associated with more traditional lighting methods.

Find Out More

If you want to find out how Addlux can assist you with LED lighting and display solutions for your shop design, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss with you which of our products or services will best suit your needs and offer truly bespoke solutions not available elsewhere.

Definitions: An LED light sheet is a component used in the assembly of an LED light panel or an LED light box. It comprises an edge-lit acrylic light diffusion sheet with or without a reflector sheet (one- or two- sided light sheet). The light sheet is then assembled with a graphic or light diffusion panel to form an LED light panel or used in the construction of an LED light box.

Addlux supplies LED light sheets, light panels and light boxes to any specification and in any bespoke configuration.