LED Light Box TFS120

  • Cost-effective flex face / tension fabric light box
  • Available with different LED backlighting technologies
  • Bright even illumination
  • Use suspended, free standing or wall mounted
  • 120mm deep, single- and double-sided
  • Variable length, up to 3,000mm width
  • Easy attachment of tension fabric
  • Supplied as easy-to-assemble flat-pack kit

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Our flex face LED light box TFS 120 is a single-or double-sided, suspended, wall-mounted (single-sided) or free-standing display suitable for exhibiting tension fabric graphics. The aluminium alloy frame is 120 mm deep. The graphic is backlit either with our Astrolux backlighting or alternatively with our Raylux edgelighting technologies.

Available in pre-manufactured flat-pack kit form to assemble to displays sized up to 3 m in width.

The fabric print is stretched over the aluminium frame under tension and held securely in place with a silicone rubber bead attached to the fabric edge and inserted in a slot in the frame.

Optional: We can supply each kit complete with printed fabric graphic.

See SPECIFICATIONS for more details.