LED Light Panels (Fabric)

  • Addlux fabric light panels are constructed from one of our high-tech lighting solutions in combination with a suitable aluminium frame plus a stretch fabric or PVC diffuser
  • Each of Addlux LED Light Sheet, Astrolux LED Backlighting, Raylux LED Edgelighting has its own merit as a lighting source offering bright even lighting or illumination from just 17mm depth
  • Design flexibility regarding dimensions, weight, light intensity, colour temperature, controllability, energy efficiency, ease of handling and assembly, reuse, cost of materials, storage and assembly
  • Astrolux and Raylux are supplied as easy-to-assemble kits; LED light sheet as plug & play, custom-sized panels
  • Any white colour temperature, single colours and RGB/W colour-changing
  • Controlled lighting with tuneable white and RGB/W LEDs
  • Single-sided or double-sided

Add Product

Addlux offers large finished ‘frameless’ fabric LED light panels with a variety of frames and fabric or PVC diffuser materials for ceiling and wall installation either mounted, suspended or free-standing. Our three LED lighting solutions offer complete design flexibility enabling you to achieve an optimum end-product at minimum outlay. Our extremely knowledgeable technical staff will gladly discuss your design ideas with you and advise you which of our LED lighting solutions is the best for your purpose, based on your technical design, its dimensions and the desired end-result.

Contact us also for more information, next working-day quotes at competitive prices and short delivery times! We look forward to helping you in your venture.