LED Light Panels (Framed)

  • Addlux light panels with aluminium frame used for lighting or to backlight a wide range of translucent materials
  • Customised sizes up to 3m x 2m and 8-15mm thick aluminium frames
  • Powder coat aluminium frame to any RAL colour
  • Any colour temperature, single colour and colour changing
  • Single-sided
  • Wall mount or ceiling suspension, 12V or 24V, controllable
  • Eminently suitable for narrow spaces

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Addlux thin LED light panels are a combination of our high-tech LED light sheet with an opal diffuser to provide bright, even feature lighting or to backlight of any translucent material. Graphics or lighter translucent materials can be bonded or printed directly to the opal diffuser, or some translucent materials with sufficient diffusing capability can be used as the diffuser.

The aluminium framed LED light panels are 8-15mm thick and custom-made to sizes up to 3m x 2m. Aluminium frames can be powder coated to any RAL colour. Different brightness levels and colour temperatures, white as well as single and variable colour RGB are available. The framed LED light panel can be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling; keyhole fixings are available.

Applications for which we have supplied these displays include architectural and interior design lighting for feature interiors, main light sources, art and stained-glass backlighting, signage and POS as well as kitchen and lift lighting.

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