LED Light Sheet (LEDs Embedded)

  • Thinnest LED light sheet with LEDs embedded (3mm – 15mm)
  • Bespoke shapes and sizes up to 4.8m x 2.7m
  • Bright, even illumination for tightest spaces
  • Single-sided or double-sided
  • Any colour temperature, single colour and colour changing
  • Supplied as easy-to-install plug & play kits
  • IP67-rated for outdoor use (optional)

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Our thin LED light sheet achieves the brightest, most uniform distribution of light across a market-leading sheet size of up to 4.8m x 2.7m. With a reduced thickness of just 3mm we now also supply the thinnest panels on the market!

The development of our own unique diffusion technique and the development of our own LEDs allows us to manufacture the highest quality LED sheet lighting. For further technical information please refer to our data sheet.

Our thin, evenly lit LED light sheet finds use in a growing number of end applications where space is limited. Whether for illuminating translucent walls or ceilings, or as a backlighting component for fabricating thinner illuminated POS displays, lightboxes and other illuminated signage, this remarkably versatile technology is the lighting solution for an ever-increasing number of end-products.

Expect excellent technical advice, prompt next-day quotes at competitive prices and short delivery times. Our knowledgeable experts will be happy to determine feasibility of new design concepts and will work with you to develop prototypes.

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