LED Light Pocket (Suspended)

  • Total thickness 9 mm, clear acrylic-framed; ‘halo’ glow
  • Attractive single- or double-sided, suspended display
  • 12V/24V power input through cable or rod suspension
  • Easy graphic insertion – slip in/out into pocket
  • Up to five light boxes can be suspended together and connected with one transformer
  • For graphics up to 1.5 m x 1.5 m

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Our ultra-slim LED Light Pocket (previously Halo Display) is a single- or double-sided clear acrylic covered light box that can be suspended by power carrying cables or rods. The appeal of the LED Light Pocket lies in its bright, perfectly even illumination of printed graphics with a surrounding ‘halo’ of light, and the ease of replacement of the graphics, which can be merely slipped in and out of a retaining pocket. Its use can be very diverse, although they are a feature in the windows of most estate agents throughout the country. The stepped-down 12V/24V power runs through the 3 mm diameter cables or 6 mm diameter rods on which the light boxes are suspended. Up to 5 light boxes can be suspended on one set of floor-to-ceiling cables or rods with a single transformer/driver.

Total thickness 9mm, DIN A-format sizes and custom-made sizes up to a maximum of 1.5 m x 1.5m. Complete kits available with floor-to-ceiling fixings and cables or rods and transformer. Consult us for bespoke shapes and finishes.

See SPECIFICATIONS for more details