Ecolux is the most cost-effective LED backlighting concept available today for constructing new LED backlit signage or replacing outdated lighting technologies in existing signage and displays.

The end result is a brightly lit, single- or double-sided, low-cost, lightweight, efficient backlit assembly, either as a new construction to your desired size and shape or replacing the inefficient lighting in existing set-up.

A basic Ecolux LED backlighting kit comprises a number of LED backlighting strips with diodes mounted on one or both sides, attachment brackets, power cable and screws.

It requires only a few minutes using a screwdriver to put together. It is simple to adjust for various depths of signage or diffuser materials with different translucencies merely by adjusting the spacing between the LED backlighting strips.

Our technical staff will be glad to provide you with more details on Ecolux LED backlighting kits and their use.

Features of Ecolux LED Backlighting Kits

Asset 58

Single- and double-sided options to illuminate translucent surfaces with a depth of 60mm+

Asset 67

Modular kit form which is light weight, delivered readily assembled or easy assemble with a screwdriver

Asset 64

Low power consumption and generates very little heat

Flexible backlighting system designed to provide even illumination to curved and uneven surfaces

Benefits & Areas Of Application​

Asset 65

Cost-Effective For ≥ 60mm Depth

Combine with any type of diffuser for light fittings or displays, feature walls and ceilings

Asset 65

Works With Uneven Surfaces

Flexibile and suitable for illuminated columns, curved lightboxes, and other shaped luminaires.

Asset 65

Fast & Easy Assembly

Installation within minutes – no soldering required. Excellent for exhibitions and other events

Asset 65

Low Voltage and Minimal Heat

Energy efficient and easy maintenance, especially when installed in remote locations

Technical Support

Addlux technical support team will assist you to ensure that you get the best and most cost-effective solution for your design.


Discuss your concept, requirements and any other considerations


Formulate a technical description, with specifications and technical drawings where needed


Quote for Raylux assembly kit


When requested supply a sample or prototype to test (costs may be incurred)


Confirm order, production and delivery (we have a 95% delivery satisfaction record)


After-sale follow-up of every order on which the Addlux technical support team was involved

What Our Customers Say

Just a quick note to say that we received the light box today and assembled it. Lovely product, well designed and easy to put together. Very effective so thank you very much! We will be in touch as soon as we have the next order to place.

Matt J

The light source is invisible and intangible. I‘ve already recommended you to another artist who saw my work and also wants to build a lightbox.

Alke S

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