Trilux LED backlighting modules are ultra-bright and ideal for cost-effective backlighting of fabric and translucent material lightboxes.

Only four LED modules are needed to illuminate a 1m square by 100mm deep fabric lightbox giving an illuminance of 1300 to 1600 lux (based on a diffuser with 30% light transmission).

Each Trilux LED module is rectangular in shape and comprises three diodes bundled together in a moulded casing, forming a single exceedingly bright module. They have an IP68 rating for resistance to moisture, water, dust and shock.

Up to ten Trilux LED modules can be connected in series. They can be easily connected to a backboard to form an assembly using screws or a suitable thermally conducting double-sided adhesive tape.

The end result is a perfectly LED backlit display with significant cost-savings in materials and for assembly.

Features of Trilux Modules

Brightest LED

Only 4 Trilux modules needed to evenly illuminate one square metre from 100mm depth

Lightweight modular kit form that is easy to install

Asset 64

Possibility to connect 10 modules into a series

Asset 66

IP68 rating

Benefits & Areas Of Application​

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Cost Effective Backlighting

Only 4 Trilux modules are required to evenly illuminate an area of 1m x 1m with 100mm depth

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External or Wet Area Installations

Offers resistance to moisture, water, dust and shock with IP68 rating

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Convenient & Practical

Fast, easy assembly and installation within minutes. Easy transportation and storage.

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Flexible Modular Kits

Using multiple series allows large area lighting for billboards and installations

Technical Support

Addlux technical support team will assist you to ensure that you get the best and most cost-effective solution for your design.


Discuss your concept, requirements and any other considerations


Formulate a technical description, with specifications and technical drawings where needed


Quote for Raylux assembly kit


When requested supply a sample or prototype to test (costs may be incurred)


Confirm order, production and delivery (we have a 95% delivery satisfaction record)


After-sale follow-up of every order on which the Addlux technical support team was involved

What Our Customers Say

I have used LED panels numerous times in the past and I would like to say that out of all the manufacturers I have used Addlux is by far the best. The Panel is ultra slim, amazing technology, with a good, even light coverage and the drivers are great being so slim, where we can incorporate them into small cabinet spaces. We shall be ordering the exact sizes, in the near future.

Sheila F

Thank you for your service and I am very pleased with the product and have made its full use in the latest project. I have forwarded your company and product details to our purchasing department for now. I hope to use your product again in future.

Dipen R

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