• LED Light Sheet Light Guide Panel

    Our LED light sheet (also known as light pad, prismex or lumi sheet) technology is under continuous development. We now produce possibly the best light sheet available in today’s market.

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  • Flexible LED Light Sheet

    Addlux has developed a new LED Light Sheet that is flexible and thinner than ever before. Our ‘Addflex’ sheet lighting offers the benefits of OLED Technology, and gives the best illumination at a fraction of...

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  • Raylux LED Edgelighting

    Addlux Raylux LED lighting strips are one of our technologies of great interest for constructing illuminated signs and displays. The lighting strips are economical, versatile and easy-to-use for edgelighting of signs and displays with a...

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  • Astrolux LED Backlighting Strips

    Astrolux is an innovative, inexpensive, low energy backlighting concept that can be assembled in minutes by untrained staff using merely assembly drawings and a screwdriver. It is supplied in kit form as LED light strips...

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  • Bespoke LED Strip Light Assembly

    Our wide range of high-tech Prolux LED strips are versatile and suitable for interior and exterior applications. Fitted into one of our many aluminium profiles with diffusers and connectors our LED strip lights to form...

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