Thinner than a pound coin and flexible

If you had a sheet of light that was flexible, and thinner than a pound coin, what would you do with it? Imagine the possibilities!

Addlux has developed a new version of its popular LED Light Sheet that is flexible and thinner than ever before. Our new flexible light sheet offers the benefits of OLED technology, and gives the best illumination at a fraction of the cost. Addlux brings you the most cost-effective LED Sheet on the market, second to none.

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The flexible lighting sheets offer unique lighting solutions; for example, lighting around a product, an object or a column; think too, of the possibility to light corners and construct curved LED lightboxes. The possibilities are exciting and endless.

Each sheet is less than 3mm thick (from edge to edge), and is currently available in sizes up to 2400mm x 600mm. This can be either single or double-sided and with any colour temperature.

This remarkable new product is a lighting designer’s dream. It can be bent to shape by hand – concave/convex or into different directions (S-Shapes). Several sheets can be joined to illuminate larger areas.

This product will be developed further, with the goal of supplying larger flexible LED sheet lighting sizes and the spectrum of RGB colours.

‘Yet again Addlux pushes the boundaries of LED light sheet technology. But, as this is such a new and revolutionary product we look forward to helping customers with advice on its use an early stage in their project or product development. We will be very happy to respond to any and all enquiries and supply test samples. ‘ –  Niels Fullerton-Batten, MD of Addlux Limited

Please visit our LED Light Sheet page if you'd like to find out more about how this technology is made.

Thin & Flexible LED Light Sheet

Image 1 Flexible and thinner than a £1 coin. Imagine the possibilities.

Thin & Flexible LED Light Sheet

Image 2 Lightsheet panels are now flexible and thinner than ever.