LED Light Sheet By Addlux

Even high brightness and ideal for the slimmest of lighting designs

Our LED light sheet (also referred to as a light panel, light pad, prismex or lumi sheet) technology is under continuous development. We now produce the most advanced lightsheet available in today’s market:

  • the largest
  • the brightest
  • the most evenly illuminated
  • the thinnest and first flexible sheet lighting
  • a standard thicknesses range of 3mm to 10mm (thicker if required)

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Our customers use this technology as a backlighting component in a variety of other LED illuminated end-products. These include:

  1. adding an opal diffusion sheet for making bespoke LED light panels
  2. adding a graphic to create permanent displays
  3. adding a frame for making high quality, ultra-slim LED lightboxes
  4. backlighting translucent materials, such as frosted, opaque or stained glass, onyx stone, etc.
  5. any number of space-saving backlighting applications
  6. forming shapes or wrapping round columns, corners, etc

In summary, we are confident that Addlux holds a pre-eminent position in the marketplace for high-tech, high quality LED sheets. Furthermore, we offer you a guarantee of an excellent customer service, including speedy quotes, quick and reliable deliveries and outstanding technical support for any and every reason, including assistance in the development and prototyping of your development products.

Call one of our lighting experts on 0333 800 1828 or send us an email if wish for any further information about us or advice on how best to use our light sheet components. Better still, test us and ask us for a quote.

*Note: As our LED light sheet is not intended to be used as a stand-alone product, but to be integrated into other applications we class them as components. See our technical data sheet for more information.

Addlux LED Light Sheet – The All-Purpose Backlighting Component

Addlux lightsheets are high quality, high energy efficient, state-of-the art components for use in many different lighting applications.

Super bright, Super evenness, Super large, Super thin, Super flexible, Super service

These are the virtues that we claim for our technology and our customer performance. The common denominator in all these is our emphasis on high technology and a customer pleasing sales experience. Let us take a closer look behind our claims; firstly, our high technology, then our great service and technical support.

LED Light Sheet Exploded View

Illustration 3 Schematic of various types of LG used

  1. Reflector Sheet
  2. LEDs
  3. Light Guide
  4. Translucent Material or Graphic
  5. Transformer / PSU

High Technology

The lightsheet panel comprises essentially the LED light source, a light guide (LG), a reflector sheet, and the power supply/driver/transformer (PSU), see Illustration 1. Depending on the application, the light sheet is then used to backlight a graphic or any other translucent material.

The light guide distributes the light from the LED strips, for a one-sided light guide the reflector sheet serves to return the light back through the light guide, graphic or diffuser sheet that may be opalescent glass or acrylic or translucent materials, such as ground glass, onyx stone, etc.

LED Light Sheet composition

Illustration 1 Exploded view of the composition 

Note Illustration 1 is a schematic of a single-sided sheet. It will look different for a double-sided version.

  1. Reflector Sheet
  2. LEDs
  3. Light Guide
  4. Translucent Material or Graphic
  5. Transformer / PSU

The LED Light Source

The basic element of any LED lighting is the LED itself. The light source we use for manufacturing our Light Sheet are high light intensity, low energy LED strips. We develop and manufacture our own LED strip products in-house using highest quality components, thus ensuring a consistent high-quality product.

The LED strips are embedded in or edge-mounted on a high grade acrylic sheet to form the light guide (see Illustration 2).

The brightness is governed by the placing of the LED strips on one, two or all four sides, depending on the width and shape (see Illustration 3). Where higher levels of brightness are specified we use even more powerful LEDs or mount multiple rows of LED strips.

Two diffusing patterns available for LED light sheet

Illustration 4  The unique grid matrix and dot matrix patterns machined on the light guide ensure even light distribution across its entire surface regardless of its dimensions and location of the LEDs.

We can supply a wide range of different colour temperatures – 6000K or 5300K (cool white); 4000K (moonlight white); 3000K (warm white); single colour RGB (red/green/blue) or colour-changing RGB.

The Addlux Light Guide – A Wonder of High Technology giving Optimum Brightness and Evenness of Illumination

The function of the light guide (LG) is to diffuse and distribute light from the LEDs evenly across its surface. Whereas our competitors machine evenly spaced grooves, we have perfected a novel technique that ensures the evenness of light distribution across the entire surface of the sheet regardless of its size and shape. Even brightness ultimately determines the quality of your end-product, and often the functionality and success of the product/application for which you will use it.

Depending on the size, thickness, arrangement of the LED strips and the specification for your order, we laser-machine one surface of an acrylic sheet with a unique pattern of grids or dots (see Illustration 3). The grids are made up of 3D grooves and the dots are 3D pits. The pattern is computer-generated and controlled, it is unique to the size and shape of the light sheet, varying in the spacing and the density of the grooves or dots, see Illustrations 3.

We use three different approaches to form the unique patterns on the light guide – dot matrix, grid matrix and micro-dot matrix. Sheets with the micro-dot pits have the highest brightness but are presently restricted in size to 1.5m x 1.5m. See Table 1 for brightness properties and maximum size availability.

Reflecting MatrixDimensionMax. sizeBrightness (average)Application
Dot3D3m x 2m~2000 luxIndoor & Outdoor
Grid3D4.8m x 2.7m~ 2000 luxIndoor & Outdoor
Micro-Dot3D1.5m x 1.5m25% brighterIndoor & Outdoor

Table 2 Lightsheet Properties

Even Brightness

Using our high technology approach in the manufacture of the light guide we manage to achieve an unparalleled evenness of brightness exceeding 90% across a sheet of any size or shape even on our largest sized lighting sheet. Actual brightness measurements on a sheet size of 3.05m x 1.52m are shown in Illustration 5.

LED Light Sheet Light Distribution

Illustration 5 light meter measurements made on a very large sized panel.

Light Sheet ThicknessMaximum Size Available
3mm2.4m x 0.6m
4mm, 5mm, 6mm3m x 2m; 4.8m x 2.7m
7mm, 8mm3m x 2m; 4m x 1.6m; 4.8m x 2.7m
10mm, 12mm3m x 2m; 4m x 1.6m
Weight Calculation (KG)Length (m) x Width (m) x Thickness (mm) x 1.19kg

Table 2 Summary of Maximum Sheet Sizes

Our 3mm Thick Light Sheet is Flexible!

This flexible lighting sheet offers you boundless new design possibilities. By the way, if you are price conscious, as a rule of thumb, thinner LED sheet cost less than a thicker one, another potential benefit of this new Addlux product. Ask our technical staff for more details and support. See our Flexible Lightsheet page for more details.

From Idea to Prototype to Large Scale Production

We can supply shapes and curved configurations to any design you wish – small or large, simple or complicated. Our technical team will guide you and help you develop any ideas that you may have.

LED Light Sheet Shaped
LED Light Sheet Curved

More Features Offering Great Flexibility for Your Design More Features Offering Great Flexibility for Your Design

  • single- and double-sided LED sheets
  • very high brightness levels
  • guaranteed even brightness across the entire surface
  • LED lighting with a wide range of colour temperatures –bright cool, natural and warm whites to RGB multi-colour
  • LED power cable exit points of your choice, from any edge or the back surface of the sheet
  • easy connectivity; male-female barrel connections between the light sheet and the PSU
  • different voltage power supply units (PSU), 12V and 24V, or to your specification
  • UK 3-pin, continental and other international power plug hard-wired to the PSU
  • IP67 rated for outside use or in wet environments

Our Comprehensive Technical and Customer Service Support

Our Light Sheet technology exhibits major differences in design concepts of other suppliers in the market for similar products. We offer you a sound technical advice for our entire product range, and especially regarding the properties and use of our components. We especially welcome you to join with many other customers and try out our technical service for the design and one-off manufacture of your development projects. Here, we assist with the choice and specification of component parts, finalise with you your schematics or technical drawings, and quickly manufacture a one-off, or a prototype for you to test before you commit to larger scale production. No assignment is too extreme, we excel in the unusual.

In conclusion, we back up our technology with a high-quality customer service. You will get a speedy reply to your enquiry, whether for technical matters or for a quote, by next working day. You will find our prices to be reasonable and our delivery faster than you would normally expect for standard or bespoke light sheet as well as for development samples. You can rely on our quoted delivery as our delivery performance exceeds 99%. Your repeat business is important to us, so you can expect a superb back-up service and exceptional post-sales support.

A Handy Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet for our light sheet components. This gives you a complete summary of dimensions, property options and warranties for all our light sheet components. It is your to-hand guide for the many possibilities offered by the Addlux LED Light Sheet.

Download LED Light Sheet Technical Data Sheet