Prolux LED Strip Lighting

High-Tech LEDs & Bespoke LED Strip Light Assembly

Our Prolux LED strip lighting is a very economical and versatile form of lighting for decorative and general lighting installations, for example as light fittings for shelving units or for illuminated signage, but in reality the horizon for its use is unlimited.

All of our LED strips provide seamless, even very bright lighting with no dark spots. They are supplied as plug & play kits and can therefore be easily installed by untrained staff.

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We also offer a bespoke LED strip light assembly service for immediate installation. The assembly comprises an LED light strip slotted and glued into specially designed aluminium profiles and diffusers. Each kit is custom-made to meet specified profile shape and length, LED strip type and density, colour temperature, brightness level, effect (CRI >80 or >90, upon request) and voltages. Our wide range of aluminium LED profiles are available to meet various requirements, for example profiles with flanges to cover the uneven edges of any grooves routed in MDF, walls, ceilings, etc or with pre-drilled holes for surface-mounting. Others are angled for mounting in corners or as cove lighting. See our range of profiles here.

Prolux LED strip lights offer a high degree of versatility in use. Individual strip lights can be joined easily with ‘interlocking’ connectors, several Prolux kits can be joined together, or connected to LED light panels and/or LED light boxes. Power requirements are so low that even complex set-ups need only a single 12V or 24V transformer.

Consider Prolux LED strip lighting for your next project, you will be amazed how versatile it is. Give us a call if you require any further information or discussion.

Prolux Double 2835 LED Strip

Image 1 Our Prolux range includes many different types of high-tech LED strip.

Prolux Bespoke LED Strip Light Assembly

Image 2 We stock a wide range of profiles to offer a bespoke LED strip light assembly service. 

Prolux LED Strip Light Retail Application

Image 3 Expect even lighting without spotting.