Edgelighting with Raylux

Advanced & inexpensive LED edgelighting solution

Addlux Raylux LED edgelighting is one of our most popular technologies for constructing evenly illuminated signs and backlit POS displays.

The lighting strips are economical, versatile and easy-to-use for edgelighting of signs and displays with a depth of 55mm+ and up to 3,000 mm in width. The LED lighting strips can be joined together to increase the length, which is essentially only restricted by design factors.

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The lighting strips are available in cool white (6500K); other colour temperatures and colour-changing strips are available upon request. The LED strips are dimmable. Waterproof strips are also available.

Raylux LED edgelighting strips are supplied in different lengths and are powered at 12V or 24V. Regardless of the physical dimensions of a sign equipped with these LED strips it can be powered by one driver/transformer and controlled by a standard electronic dimmer.

Innovative Lens Creates Inexpensive LED Edgelighting Solution

Due to the unique LED lens, displays manufactured using Raylux LED strips do not require an expensively crafted light guide panel, which makes their use in the assembly of slim signs extremely inexpensive. The strips are physically small and lightweight meaning that they can easily be held in stock and used as and when needed.

Raylux LED edgelighting strips are suitable for displays of all kinds, shapes and sizes. The level and evenness of brightness can be easily adjusted; for example, by mounting the LED strips on two or four sides, as well as applying two or more rows of strips and increasing the depth somewhat to accommodate them. The average light intensity is at least 1500 lux. The power consumption is very low, it is a mere 250W for a 3m x 1.5m sign, compared with about 1,150W for one powered with fluorescent tubes.

Download our Raylux technical brochure with data sheet

Raylux LED Edgelighting

Image 1 Raylux Edgelighting Strips

Raylux LED Edgelighting

Image 2 Larger signs can be edge-lit using several Raylux strips

Raylux LED Edgelighting (RGB)

Image 3 Raylux RGB colour-changing strips