Astrolux LED Backlighting

  • A cost-effective LED strip backlighting solution for lighting assemblies of 30mm depth upwards.
  • Ideal for bright even illumination of translucent walls, ceilings, signage, lightboxes, and other displays
  • Can be used on uneven and curved surfaces
  • Available in any white, single colour and colour changing light temperatures
  • Single-sided or double-sided illumination
  • On request, IP67-rated for outdoor use
  • Supplied as lightweight, easy-to-install, modular, plug & play LED strip kits
  • Installation possible with a screwdriver

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Our Astrolux LED backlighting solution is a highly cost-effective means of brightly and evenly illuminating any lighting assembly with a depth of 30mm upwards. It is ideal for backlighting translucent walls, ceilings, illuminated signs, lightboxes and other displays.

The Astrolux solution is supplied in kit form, the content appropriate for your design. Kits comprise PCB strips or modules mounted with single- or doubled sided LEDs, connecting leads, connectors and screws. Constructing the plug & play assembly merely requires a screwdriver. Strips can be cut to length. As many as ten strips covering an area of ~ 540mm x 5000mm can be connected to a single power source. Within a very short time you will have created an ideal, cost-effective backlit assembly. Astrolux kits are lightweight, making them easy to handle and store. Assemblies can be disassembled, and the kit parts reused.

Download the Data Sheet for more technical details.

We welcome your contact if you need further information and/or expert technical advice. Our technical team will discuss your design concept with you and assist you to achieve the best and most cost-effective backlighting solution. We quote latest next working day, offering competitive prices and attractive delivery times!