In some instances conventional LED light sheet or light panels are unsuitable because they are made of acrylic (or Perspex, as it is also known) which is easily scratchable, bendable, has a low melting point and is less fire resistant.

Addlux, a leader in LED light sheet technology, now offers LED light sheet with a laser machined glass light guide. This offers quality, durability and safety advantages that are called for in demanding architectural installations.

Addlux is able to supply these glass LED backlit light sheet constructed from toughened glass, laminated glass and insulated glass.

They are available in thicknesses from 6mm upward and, depending on application, in sizes up to a maximum of 6000 mm x 3000 mm, single- or double-sided.

Single white, tuneable white and RGB/W colour-changing LEDs are available to meet any prospective requirement.

Features Of Addlux Glass Light Sheet

Waterproof, weather-resistant, UV-light resistant and fire resistant

Robust and durable. Ideal for permanent, structural installations

Versatile in design and use. Recyclable

Easy to clean and scratch resistant

Areas of Application​

Asset 65

Balustrades, Balconies, Banisters

Asset 65

Walls, Facades, Partitions

Asset 65

Canopies, Skylights

Asset 65

Shelving, Signage & Much More

Technical Support

Addlux technical support team will assist you to ensure that you get the best and most cost-effective solution for your design.


Discuss your concept, requirements and any other considerations


Formulate a technical description, with specifications and technical drawings where needed


Quote for Glass Light Sheet assembly kit


When requested supply a sample or prototype to test (costs may be incurred)


Confirm order, production and delivery (we have a 95% delivery satisfaction record)


After-sale follow-up of every order on which the Addlux technical support team was involved

What Our Customers Say

Thank you so much for all your help with this project, you were the only company that could achieve this deadline and the light sheets look fantastic.

Kate G

The Light Sheet was extremely easy to install and was plug and play just like you said it would be. I am ecstatic with the results, thank you very much.

Kenneth G

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