Dynamic LED Light Boxes

  • Tension fabric light box with LED modules to create animation
  • Acrylic light box with LED light sheet to create animation
  • Creates bright and eye-catching displays
  • Max size of 2m x 2m for acrylic light box
  • Larger sizes for tension fabric option
  • Single-sided

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LED Dynamic Light Boxes
Bring life to your visual display and increase customer attention with a colourful design combined with motion effects. We have two products for you to choose from that will help you achieve your goal. Let us know if you are interested in either version, send us your enquiry with a description of how you would like the moving picture to look and we will send you a quote and an animated file to illustrate how it will look when completed.

Dynamic LED Tension Fabric Light Boxes
We’ve added specially developed LED modules to our conventional 90 mm deep tension fabric light box and you have the equivalent of an LED video screen for a fraction of the price. Each individual diode in the LED module is programmable merely by using a controller and software supplied with the light box. You can have fun exercising your own creativity and benefit from increased footfall.

Dynamic LED Light Sheet Light Boxes
Our alternative concept to the dynamic fabric light box described above is based on our Light Sheet technology. We arrange several layers of LED light sheets on top of each other. Each layer can be programmed to produce sections of the image in sequence, which successively combine to give the final image. Different parts of the image can be programmed to light-up, flash and/or fade separately attracting attention to the display and conveying specific messages.

The Dynamic Light Sheet Light Box is thinner than the Dynamic LED Tension Fabric Light Box and is available in any shape and size up to 2m x 2m.