LED Light Box SF30

  • 30mm total thickness; snap-frame; suitable for illuminating graphics >A3
  • Frame width 35mm; various frame colours possible
  • Single-sided for wall mounting
  • Easy mounting of graphics
  • Any rectangular shape up to 3m x 2m
  • Choice of cable length and access location; plug & play

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LED Light Box SF30 was developed for larger sized graphics (> DIN A3). It is another of our series of LED light boxes with a snap frame. Only 30mm thick and with a frame width of 35mm it is still attractively slim but its stronger frame is more suitable for larger sized graphics than our SF19 frame. We specialise in the bespoke manufacture of any rectangular size up to a maximum of 3m x 2m.

Single-sided, the SF30 LED lightbox is backlit by our high-tech LED Light Sheet, which ensures optimum evenness of illumination across the entire visible area regardless of the size of the display. The standard colour temperature is 6000 K – optimum for illuminating graphics. Other colour temperatures are available on request.

An acrylic front cover prevents the graphic distorting and protects it from damage. The graphic is easily changed by opening four sides of the frame. The standard finish of the frame is anodised aluminium; powder-coated frames in any RAL colour are optional.

See SPECIFICATIONS for more details