Raylux LED Edgelighting

  • The most cost-effective and versatile edge-lighting solution for displays of 60mm depth upwards, up to 4 m in width and any length
  • Ideal for large area, evenly and brightly lit, low energy signs, lightboxes and displays
  • Available in two versions for different brightness levels and display size
  • Any white, single colour and colour changing light temperatures; IP67-rated for outdoor use (on request)
  • Supplied as lightweight, easy-to-install, modular, plug & play LED strips
  • Easily mounted to the inside of a frame with screws or adhesive tape. Single-sided strips also illuminate double-sided displays
  • Economical to buy, lightweight, compact, easy to handle, assemble and store. Raylux offers an easy, cost-effective retrofit of fluorescent lighting in existing signage.

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Our Raylux LED edge-lighting solution is a highly cost-effective means of brightly and evenly illuminating any lighting assembly with a depth of 60mm upwards. Large area, single- or double-sided displays (up to 4 m width and any length) can be assembled quickly and cheaply. It is recommended for edge-lighting large area signs, lightboxes and other displays covered with any translucent material.

Raylux is supplied in two versions as LED edge-lit strips in lengths of 300mm and 470mm. An assembly of multiple rows of Raylux strips can be connected to a single 24 V power source and dimmer. The average light intensity of Raylux assemblies is around 1500 lux, but it can be increased easily by mounting LED strips on two or four sides of the sign, or by changing the depth of the display to accommodate more rows of strips.

Our Raylux LED Edgelighting Solution offers an optimum of flexibility in design and end result at a low cost in materials and manufacture of robust, lightweight, brilliantly lit signs and displays with ultra-low running costs.

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We welcome your contact if you need further information and/or expert technical advice. Our technical team will discuss your design concept with you and assist you to achieve the best and most cost-effective edgelighting solution. We quote latest next working day, offering competitive prices and attractive delivery times!