LED Light Box TFS33

  • Tension fabric light box with different backlighting technologies
  • LED light sheet – even illumination with standard brightness
  • Astrolux backlighting – even illumination with high brightness
  • Bespoke sizes up to 4.8m x 2.7m
  • Easy attachment of tension fabric graphic
  • Single-sided, wall mounting

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Our LED light box TFS33 is a single-sided, wall-mounted display suitable for exhibiting tension fabric graphics. The aluminium alloy frame is 33 mm deep, which enables it to be backlit with either our LED Light Sheet or with our less expensive Astrolux LED backlighting concept.

Backlighting with our LED Light Sheet technology gives optimum evenness of illumination over the entire surface of the graphic, whereas higher brightness levels can be achieved with the Astrolux backlighting technology. We can supply either version to any customer specification in bespoke sizes up to 4.8 m x 2.7 m.

The fabric print is stretched over the aluminium frame under tension and held securely in place with a silicone rubber cord attached to the fabric edge and inserted into a slot in the frame.

Optional: We can supply each kit complete with printed fabric graphic.

See SPECIFICATIONS for more details.